In 2022, The Union for Contemporary Art’s Inside/Outside Fellowship program will focus on supporting the creative and professional development of theatre practitioners of multiple disciplines. This Performing Arts Collective + Inside/Outside Fellowship will embody the collaborative spirit of The Union’s Fellowship and Performing Arts programs, and seeks to create a space for new, emerging, and established talents to create and grow together.

Applications are now open to theatre practitioners - of various creative disciplines - who demonstrate a commitment to building a theatre practice that includes community storytelling, exploring new ways of making theatre, and are at a moment in their lives wherein they’re ready to benefit from this kind of immersive experience.

Artists of various mediums in service to the work of theatre-making are encouraged to apply. This includes: actors; writers; directors; costume, stage, and lighting designers; sound engineers; and more.

This interdisciplinary Fellowship year is an opportunity for theatre artists to collaborate and create within a multi-track creative experience, designed to grow the practices of individual artists, culminating in the production of a theatrical work rooted in community storytelling.

Artists selected to be a part of the 2022 Performing Arts Inside/Outside Fellowship Program will receive: 

  • $2000 program stipend
  • 24/7 access to a 400 sq ft private studio at The Union for Contemporary Art from March–December 2022
  • Bi-monthly workshops and studio sessions 
  • A mentor in the performing arts 
  • Union staff support


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The Union is committed to making our application process as accessible as possible. Please reach out to The Union team if you have any questions about eligibility or would like assistance reading or filling out your application at or by calling us at 402-933-3161. 

Applications due January 2, 2022 11:59PM CST.

The Union for Contemporary Art